How Long Is a Puppy's Gestation?

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A puppy generally reaches sexual maturity around 8 months old, and upon conception, the gestation period lasts nine weeks. Consult a veterinarian to identify when a dog becomes pregnant with advice from a professional dog trainer in this free video on puppies.

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Video Transcript

So how long is a puppy's gestation. First of all dogs do not generally achieve sexual maturity until they're anywhere from four months of age to I think twelve months of age. Typically it's around eight months or older. So once a puppy does achieve sexual maturity and hopefully they go through at least a heat or two before they are bred. But your puppy does become, your dog does become pregnant. Gestation from the time of conception to the birth of the puppies is typically sixty three days or nine weeks. There's a period of time in the beginning of that that is they don't show. Be sure to work if your puppy is pregnant or your dog is pregnant be sure to work with a veterinarian cause you want to make sure that you know the sign to look for. It is possible for female dogs to experience what's called a false pregnancy where they will appear to be pregnant and they won't actually be. So please do work with a professional know what you are doing, know what the signs are for problems that would indicate that you would need to go to a veterinarian and get some assistance.


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