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Green energy is any renewable, clean and safe resource provided by the natural environment that does not need to be extracted, and they include solar, wind, tidal and hydrogen fuel cell power. Understand the types of eco-friendly energy sources with information from the executive director of the Institute for Sustainable Practice in this free video on green energy.

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Video Transcript

What is green energy? Green energy is clean, safe, renewable accessible and basically a resource that is provided by the natural environment or our universe in the case of solar energy. Clean energy and green energy basically means that we don't have to extract it, we don't have to mine it or disturb the land surface to get at it. We don't have to worry about spills. We don't have to worry about leaks and tankers. We don't have to worry about whether or not it is going to hurt a child or an elderly person who is vulnerable due to a certain health condition so green energy basically means energy that is amply available and endlessly supplied by the natural resource that is accessible from the perspective of easy access and from the perspective of clean no waste type of use. Examples of clean energy options or green energy options include solar, wind currents, tidal or water currents where you don't have to dam up a river or interrupt a natural eco system to access the movement of that water to generate electricity or to generate power, hydrogen fuel cells which is an example of an atomic level or chemical level reaction that allows energy to be produced and the waste product is simply water. Some would also argue that the best nuclear power plant is already available for us by the people of the Earth and that is the sun. It produces excess energy that virtually bounces off of the Earth's atmosphere that is essentially wasted. It provides an endless supply of energy sources that could be accessible if we were to subsidize it and if we were to invest in it the way we have subsidized and invested in oil, coal, nuclear power and many other highly regulated and highly subsidized energy sources. So it is just a matter of human will and human desire to move towards a no waste clean, healthy and completely endless supplies of these natural energy sources.


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