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Alternative energy sources and green house plans include incorporating tank-less water heaters, recycled lumber, energy-efficient insulation, sealed crawlspaces and solar panels to the construction of a new home. Seek alternate sources of energy when building a house with information from the executive director of the Institute for Sustainable Practice in this free video on green energy.

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Green living is also being extended to green residential development. Consumers are beginning to ask for features in their homes that builders can include as part of the attributes or characteristics of the house that can save them money, can save them water. That can reduce the amount of maintenance that they require, and that can also reduce the amount of effort that it takes to take care of the lawn and the surrounding landscape. For example, green house plans today are emerging with a variety of features like tankless water heaters, recycled lumber in the construction of the home. Energy efficient insulation. Sealed crawlspaces. Sealed attics to capture more heat and more cool air from higher energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Adding solar panels to create some electricity for use in the home. Nashville Electric Service has installed some test, miniature wind turbines around residences to test adding energy to a home to offset the energy that's produced traditionally by coal and natural gas and other traditional sources like nuclear power. We're also finding that people are becoming increasingly aware of energy star appliances that are certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which are very low water users and very low energy users. Front loading washing machines, which use a lot less water as the basket or the tumbler of the washing machine is turned on it's side instead of turned right side up, uses a lot less water, washes the clothes a lot more efficiently and also uses less detergent which saves the homeowner money. We're also finding that there are companies like S.C. Johnson and Clorox who are providing green products, green home cleaning products that you can buy for the management and maintenance of your home. So there are all kinds of opportunities and ways that your home can be green. Through it's flooring, through recycled lumber, through cork, through recycled furniture, through furnishings that are made locally and that don't have to be transported from long distances away, and also in smart, intelligent, information-based systems, where you can actually from the airport on your laptop as you're traveling out of town, type in the codes necessary to reduce your thermostat that you forgot to set as you were leaving the home. So the opportunities are endless to have a green residence.


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