Green Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

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Green energy and fossil fuels differ greatly in their impact on the planet, as fossil fuels create residue and waste when burned that account for 25 percent of the emitted carbon into the atmosphere. Understand the negative impact that fossil fuels have on the earth with information from the executive director of the Institute for Sustainable Practice in this free video on green energy.

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Video Transcript

The chief difference between green energy and fossil fuels is its impact on the earth and on life. Fossil fuels when burned create residues and waste that are very hard to get rid of, that are often toxic, with things like mercury that that release particulates in the air that are so tiny that they can be absorbed in the lining of of of our lungs, and and can be, can create, can exacerbate the breathing conditions of children and adults with asthma. Also, fossil fuels chiefly are are the biggest producer, at least twenty five percent, of of the source of carbon that's being emitted in the atmosphere, which is the source for global warming in our current planet's condition. Carbon is meant to be a sequestered or a captured element in the earth's crust, in vegetation, in material that is not released into the atmosphere, and as we take that firm material that has been deposited in the earth safely and naturally, and burn it and emit that carbon into our climate we're going to see impacts from that much like what you would see in a a chemical experiment that many of us would have done in school, where the the lab director or the our class teacher asked us to put in controlled elements of different chemicals, and controlled amounts of other chemicals and mix them together so that we would get a controlled outcome. And as we burn fossil fuels into our atmosphere; natural gas, coal, petroleum through our cars, and emit this carbon in the atmosphere we're essentially releasing uncontrolled amounts of chemicals into an atmosphere full of natural chemicals to create chemical reactions that we can't predict the outcome of. And currently, our scientific research is showing that these chemical reactions are not healthy for our planet, or for our future prosperity.


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