What Are the Economic Impacts of Wind Power?

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Wind power has several economic and environmental impacts, including creating job opportunities in the fields of technology, construction, engineering and energy transmission. Discover the positive impact that wind power has on the earth and on the economy with information from the executive director of the Institute for Sustainable Practice in this free video on green energy.

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We're here today to talk about what the cost effectiveness of wind power. Wind power has a variety of reasons it is an excellent economic investment for our country. First of all wind power replaces energy sources that are hard to locate like oil and coal where huge amounts of soil and rock have to be removed to extract the coal where huge borings have to take place either in the earth, landscape or under the sea floor to drill down into geological formations that contain oil and then pipe it to the surface. Things like wind energy or energy sources like wind energy are incredibly efficient in terms of capturing that energy supply because the wind virtually on the coastal areas of the United states and the Great Plains of the United States where wind is quite common it's just a matter of putting up a turbine that can be spun by the movement of the wind across the landscape or across the ocean and you can generate electricity. The economic benefits of when energy also include health benefits, it does not create pollution, it does not create asthma and other types of lung conditions that are aggravated and are greatly harmful by debris of coal fire and power plants and other types of energy sources. It also doesn't create waste like nuclear energy does which has to be stored under the ground or in areas where the radio active material left over from the nuclear power production is very dangerous and has to be stored in a manner that doesn't hurt anyone for many, many years, because of its long life as a radio active waste. When energy also produces a huge economic impact in terms of jobs, generally they're high paying, tech jobs, they create opportunities for construction of the towers for technical design, for engineering, for energy transmission, for land owners who are able to lease their land as wind energy farms, and also for the sheer ability of producing a power source that is healthier for the planet which allows civilization to continue, not just in the way that we know it today but an even better, healthier ways in the future.


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