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The key players in the U.S. bond market are constantly changing, but the classic major players include GMAC Financing, Ford and General Electric. Look at the DOW Index for major players in the U.S. bond market with help from a portfolio manager in this free video on personal finance and money management.

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O.k, so who are the major players in the U.S. bond market? It's a very good question because it's changing all the time, especially recently. It's two thousand eight, and there are some definite issues with the U.S. can manufacturer's and that's a, those were major players, and have been major players, and may continue to be, but as far as who are the exact major players in the bond market, look at the U.S. government, probably your largest, and then classically it's been GMAC Financing, Ford has issued a lot of bonds and preferreds, General Electric is also a major player. If you look at the DOW Index and pick through the members of the DOW Index, look at the big companies out there, they will be the major players at any given time, but again, those names that I've given may change, and it is constantly changing, the market is changing all the time. And, as that market is changing all the time, the good thing, the best thing to do is really to use either the internet, or a broker, or some other information source and find the best quality bond you can find. As you will look at the higher quality bonds, the payment may be a little less, the yield may be a little less but if you'll look for a lower quality bond, you'll receive more payment for the inherent risk.


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