How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

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Get cheap car insurance by not carrying comprehensive coverage, raising the deductible or carrying lower limits of coverage. Find an auto insurance policy that has shorter coverage terms with advice from a licensed insurance salesperson in this free video on insurance.

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Video Transcript

How to get cheap car insurance. In some states there are required limits for car insurance especially here in Massachusetts you're required to carry a bottom line limit on your car insurance. But one way to lower to car insurance costs and I don't suggest this unless you're comfortable with it is to not carry comprehensive or collision insurance. Also you could look at carrying higher deductibles. A deductible is the amount that the policy owner is required to pay before the insurance company kicks in if there’s a physical damage loss. Raise your deductibles often your price will come down. Could also carry lower limits. Again I don't suggest carrying lower limits but if price is all you're concerned with and coverage you're not concerned with you can carry lower auto insurance limits on your liability part of your auto insurance. As well as choosing not to carry physical damage coverage. This will bring your premiums down. There may be some companies out there that say that they have a great cheap price. I do suggest to be careful to make sure you're getting the same policy periods. So one company might be offering you a twelve month policy, another might be offering a six month policy and it does seem a lot less. So just be careful where to to really look into what you're getting. But there are a couple ways to lower your car insurance costs.


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