How Much Do Cardiologists Make?

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A cardiologist will make between $240,000 and $260,000 a year depending on specialty and area of treatment. Learn about the different types of cardiologists, including intervention cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, with information from a family doctor in this free video on medical careers.

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Hello, my name is doctor David Cathcart and I'm from Heartland Regional Medical Center in St. Joseph, Missouri. Cardiologist is another specialty form of medicine, so this lead or leads our physicians who have gone to medical school, so they've gone to four years of college after high school, four years of medical school, and then they usually do a residency in internal medicine with an emphasis in cardiology. So you're looking at an, at least an additional four years, so that's about a twelve year program to become a cardiologist, at minimum, after you've finished high school. Cardiologists will make anywhere in the order of two hundred forty to two sixty, thousand dollars a year. These guys deal primarily with disorders of the heart, so they would diagnose and treat heart ailments, such as congestive heart failure or heart attacks. There are various types of cardiologists, so there are cardiologists who would, who would treat purely with medication, and then there are what are referred to as interventionalists, or those kind, those are the kind of cardiologists who may do a cardiac catheterization where they are do what's called a balloon angioplasty or put in stints, those kinds of things where they, they do under the benefit of of what's called fluoroscopy, or under an x-ray machine. Then there are cardiac surgeons, so these are essentially cardiologists who've gone onto to receive additional training in surgery. So again, many more years of a...of study would be necessary for that. Thanks for taking this time to explore medial careers with me. Again, I'm doctor David Cathcart with Heartland Regional Medical Center in St. Joseph, Missouri.


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