What Are Modern Snowboards Made Of?

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Modern snowboards usually are made out of wood cores, stainless steel edges, fiberglass, resin and occasionally Kevlar. Find out how snowboards are put together by a manufacturer with help from the manager of a snowboard store in this free video on snowboarding gear and equipment.

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Video Transcript

In this clip we are going to go over what are snowboards made of? Snowboards are traditionally made out of wood cores. Tip to tail, rail to rail, very similar to a hard wood floor, tongue and groove, put together, glued together. Some of them have different materials whether it is poplar, birch, maple, balsa, it is up the manufacturer to create the best snowboard for their clients. The next thing, metal edges. Some edges are made out of stainless steel. Some are made out of steel. Some are made out of brass. Again it is what suits the style rider you are. The next step is top sheets. Top sheets are normally laid with glass, fiberglass and resin making it for a very poppy rid, basically telling you how stiff or how soft the board is. The bases of the boards - the bases of the boards are extruded bases or centered bases. Extruded bases are very soft, easy to maintain, centered bases are a lot harder, deflect a lot of rocks, are a little harder to maintain but yet whenever you reach that level of riding you will understand a centered base is a lot harder, a lot faster and an extruded base might be easier for sliding handrails and also to fix gouges. Then we have different kinds of hole patterns. We have the slider series from Burton, three hole patterns from Burton, and four hole patterns. Again it is what best suits your riding, what is your favorite brand, which binding best suits your board. There is also Kevlar. Kevlar's fingers run tip to tail, sometimes in an X pattern in the nose and the tail, again effecting the flex of the board, how much Kevlar is used determines how stiff the board is or how soft the board is, again for what style rider you are. Basically boards are put together one piece at a time and again every board is different so every board is designed different and manufactured differently.


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