How to File a Snowboard Edge

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Filing a snowboard's edges requires the use of a file tool that should be run along the board's edges from the nose to the tail. Find out how to use a de-burring stone on a snowboard with help from the manager of a snowboard store in this free video on snowboarding gear and equipment.

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And in this clip, we're going to go over how to file your edges. First, you need to determine what needs to be done to the edge. If it's sharp, if it's got burrs, if it needs to be rounded for sliding hand rails, or if it needs to be sharpened for riding icy conditions... maybe half pipe, or in a racer situation. So first, you need to have a file tool. A file tool can be picked up in any snowboard shop. You start from the nose, go to the tail, sliding down, not getting any resistance. That basically takes out any burrs, makes this edge nice and smooth and sharp. That's the side, now we need to do the bottom. So in the bottom, again you just turn your tool upright, start from the nose, nice and smooth all the way to the tail. As you feel it, you're going to feel any resistance, which that means there's some burrs, so at that point running nose to tail until you feel no resistance, until it's nice and smooth. The next thing is a quick fix that you may have on the hill, is just a normal de-burring stone. Maybe you hit a rock, maybe you got caught up on a hand rail, your edge is a little buggered... quick fix on the hill... you can slide it across the bottom, across the side, and again a real quick fix on the hill to deburr your edge. Now if you're going to be sliding hand rails, a lot of people like rounded edges; that helps keep the board from getting caught up on the rail. That can be very detrimental to your day. So normally just a normal panzer file... just keep it in the trunk of your car. Every day before you go out and ride, inspect your edges, find out if you do have any burrs or any boogers, so at that point you can round the edge and make it nice and smooth. Starting from the top and rounding it over, and visually inspecting the edge with your finger and your eye to see if it's rounded to your needs. So the more that you stay on top of your edges, the easier they're going to be to maintain, and the less steps you're going to have to take. If you do neglect your board for over a week or a week and a half, it's going to more time, more patience to maintain your edge, and to get the performance out of your board that you need.


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