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There are many ways to care for snowboarding edges, including the use of an edging tool, a de-burring stone and a panzer file. Find out how to sharpen, flatten or round the edges of snowboards with help from the manager of a snowboard store in this free video on snowboarding gear and equipment.

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Video Transcript

In this clip we're going to go over how to care for your snowboard edges. There's many different ways to care for your snowboard edge so that your board can perform to your level each day that you're on the hill. So you're going just as fast as your friends, or even faster if you're competing. So basically, first, an edge tool. An edge tool's very important. Every snowboarder should carry it in their snowboard bag. This is a quick tool to sharpen your edges, sidewall, and the bottom, to basically get the fastest edge and the sharpest edge that you can on your board. Also what's important is a deburring stone or a diamond tool. This, again, is a quick fix, very small, can be kept in anybody's jacket, especially if you're sliding handrails or if you've hit a rock on the hill. It's a quick fix to relieve any burs that might be grabbing on your snowboard ride, touching the snow, throwing you on your face or on your back. Basically keeping it flat, from the side again, hand held, or even very gently on the sidewall. Once that's done, you're ready to rock and roll. A quick fix on the hill. The next thing a lot of free stylers use, or a lot of park rats, they use a panzer file. The panzer file is a great tool. A lot of people do it right out of the plastic when they get their new snowboard, is rounding their edges. Rounding your edge will help you slide faster onto a rail. Faster off of a rail, also not catching your edge on a rail. That can be very detrimental to your day, but with a rounded edge, you're going to be able to smooth any rail like butter, have a great day. Whether you're pressing on a dance floor, a single barrel, a flat bar, a rounded edge is very important. But, say if you're riding half pipe or bullet-proof ice, or man-made snow, sharp edges are very important. And finally, at the end of your day, there's some quick and easy things that can basically help you get more life outta your board by taking care of your edges. First, when you're done snowboarding, wipe the snow off your board. Maybe take a towel, dry the base and the top sheet, getting all the snow and all the moisture off. That way your edges will not rust. Also, I don't recommend having an exposed board on top of a car. The salt from the roads is very detrimental to the base and the edges of the board. It can make it rust so fast, and it can make it a lot harder to maintain. So remember, dry your board, don't store it outside. Try not to keep it on top of your car for any extended periods of time. That way your board will have nice, shiny edges. Very sharp edges. You'll be ready to rock and roll for your next day on the hill.


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