How to Determine Your Snowboard Stance

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A good snowboard stance should sit at 18 degrees in front of the board's reference point and negative nine degrees in the back. Find out how to utilize an alpine stance in snowboarding with help from the manager of a snowboard store in this free video on snowboarding gear and equipment.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we're going to go over how to establish your snowboard stance, AKA angles. Okay guys, first things first. Depending on your style and what kind of rider you are and where you are, you know in your might go to the reference point on a board, which is labeled on each deck, which normally is about the width of your shoulders, or you can go wider for more of a freestyle stance. You can go narrower for more of an Alpine stance. So, first off, you may go to the reference point and want eighteen degrees in the front. Go to the reference point in the rear. You might want negative nine in the back. This is a good all around stance. You can carve with it. You can ride freestyle with it. You can do big mountain, it fits all thee above. But some people, sliding rails, sliding boxes, it's a little bit easier to go wider from reference, and more exaggerated Duck stance out, where you might have twenty-one degrees in the front, go to a wider hole pattern. You may do negative twelve in the back, and again, going to a wider hole pattern. Easier to slide rails, easier to land sketchy landings, again keeping your...your legs farther apart, bigger center of gravity. Then you might be into more of an Alpine stance. That tends to be a little bit narrower than reference, and a more exaggerated angle, where you might do thirty degrees in the front, and taking in again, a narrower hole pattern, and instead of going duck, you're going to have both feet angled forward, where again, you might want say, thirty in the front, twenty-one in the back. Keeping it narrow, angles more aggressively forward. You're not really going to be riding switch, but yet, really aggressive carves. So, your style is going to accommodate and let you know your stance width, your stance angles to best suit your needs on the hill. You might do a little bit of everything. Again, that would probably be at reference and just a hair bit duck. And again duck footed is feet out like so. Aggressive Alpine angle, forward, and just kind of tamed down for your all around stance. Just like so.


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