How to Break Into Your Car

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To break into your car, call a locksmith to pop the lock, contact roadside assistance or get into the trunk where the interior can be accessed through the back seat. Get into a car when the keys are locked inside with safety tips from a driving instructor in this free video on driving lessons.

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Hey, Rick the driving instructor again, and one more time we're talking about a situation. This situation is how to enter your car in an emergency situation. Well, we're assuming two things, one, the car is locked and you can't get in. Ah! What are you going to do? All right, well there's very many things that are available out there, some of the folks think that the local police department can help out, that's true, but that really depends on jurisdiction and you know what's going on that particular time of day, whether they can get to you and help you out. If that's not the case, then there is very - you consult the yellow book in your locale for locksmiths. They'll come out and be able to pop the lock for you, and various things like that. Also a lot of municipalities have their highway assistance folks, cell phone, make sure you got your charged cell phone, that comes in handy, you can always call somebody. And have them come to your rescue and assist you in opening up the door. Okay, some of the things you think about is that if there's a way to get access to the rear of the trunk on most cars, they have an access port between the luggage compartment and the back seat. A lot of folks don't know that and that's one way if you can get the back of the car open, then you can access that luggage port and crawl through the back and then get to the interior of the car to open up the locks that way if that's possible, okay. Now let's talk about emergency situations. Okay, the thing you never want to be caught in a situation where you're going out to your car in a parking lot and you don't know what the plan is. The plan is, get to your car, get it opened real quick and get inside as quickly as possible. That means you want to have the key ready to go, you go in, you unlock the door, you get in there, you situate yourself, lock the door very quickly and make sure your locks are locked, and oh by the way, check that backseat and make sure you don't have any unexpected passengers back there before you leave. Always keep your car locked at all times when you leave the car, that's just a short trip into the C-Mart or whatever, all is it takes is a moment for somebody to get in there that shouldn't be in there, so keep your car locked at all times.


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