How to Drive Safely in Winter Conditions

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When driving in winter conditions, specifically in snow, wear sunglasses to reduce the glare of the sun off the snow, maintain tire traction on the road by accelerating and braking slowly and maintain a safe following distance when driving behind other cars. Navigate through the snow in a vehicle with safety tips from a driving instructor in this free video on driving lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hey Rick the driving instructor again. This time we'll talk about driving in winter conditions and more specifically driving in snow. O.k., first thing to remember you're driving in snow especially on a day like today with the sun out you're going to get a lot of reflection off that snow. So you may thinking I'm wearing these because I'm a Joe cool professional driving instructor, but these help everybody, o.k. You want these sun glasses on to avoid the glare of the reflection of the sunlight off the snow. That's number one, because that's going to affect your visibility. To the actual traction involved, just like driving on icy conditions, driving in snow the most important thing is maintaining your traction. So again, no abrupt braking and no rapid acceleration. It's real smooth, it's both hands on the steering wheel for total control and the most important thing you have in negotiating driving on snow is your ability to maintain control of the car through the steering wheel. Once you've lost it and you go into a skid, it's just like a skid out here in dry pavement. You're going to go wherever momentum is going to carry you and if it's bad place, you're going to wind up in a bad place. So when you're driving in snow, maintain positive traction and nothing abrupt as far as breaking or abrupt steering. O.k., certain things to think about when you come to stop. Come to a four way stop in the snow, again gentle acceleration, nothing too rapid to move you along. Also, very important, also maintain proper safe following distance because if you should break and you go in to a slight skid, you've got to basically double the safe following distance you normally would on dry conditions. Therefore you don't go sliding in to the rear end of the car in front of you. O.k., that's a couple things to think about when you're driving in snow as well as your tires, again. Tires are very important as far as proper inflation and also tire treads if you have them that'll give you better traction and snow tires obviously would help out and your ability to negotiate and drive in snow. So remember, slow down, maintain control, give yourself plenty of room between you and the other cars around you. And that's the secret to negotiating driving situations in the snow.


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