How to Create an Emergency Road Kit for Your Car

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An emergency road kit for a car should include a spare tire, a jack, jumper cables, an electrical tire inflation machine, a heavy blanket and a first aid kit. Be prepared for anything that might happen on the road with safety tips from a driving instructor in this free video on driving lessons.

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Video Transcript

Hi Rick the driving instructor once again. This time we're talking about an emergency safety kit. The best thing there is remember you don't know when an emergency is going to happen. You've got to be prepared for everything. So there are some things every car should have, basic standard things like a spare tire would be nice, have that. Also to operate that you're going to have to have your jack component, usually in bag located in the compartment where the spare tire is going to be. That's any of these things... these items in here, maybe a jack to pump up the side of the car and rotate it, so very important to have your jack set otherwise, not going to have very much luck by putting on the spare tire. Second thing would be... what's something to have if the car should overheat? You should always have some type of bottle or something like this because if you do need to put coolant in there and sometimes in emergency situations water is quite acceptable. So, I'm going to have something like this handy see to put the water in there so you can get it to the car if you need to to get you to a service station or to get it repaired... always a good thing to have on hand. Next thing you should think about having would be a spare set of jumper cables. Cables like this, you undo this and wide out, about this far apart. If there's any problems with your battery. If you have someone else there that's close to you, hey it's real simple. All's you gotta do is use their battery and these cables and they can give you a jump hopefully get you on your way. So battery cables are very very important to have on hand. Another neat little gadget you might have would be the high speed gizmo, you tire inflater. This is electrical, plug it in to an outlet or sometimes into the cigarette lighter of your car. This goes into the tire just give it the proper power and the inflation and you're on your way. So that's a good thing to have as well. An extra jacket, something like this, or something heavy like a blanket because you don't know what the temperature is going to be that day that your car breaks down or you're in an emergency situation. So always try to keep a spare blanket in the back of the car or a jacket or something to keep your warm. And the other thing is to remember depending how far... how long it's going to be before help arrives, some kind of food stock of some sort, some candy, nuts, anything like that, that will sustain you over a long haul. I call it emergency provisions. So whatever you want to use, that's fine, m&ms, but something to keep you going if it's going to be a long time. Okay? Alright, so those items will be the basic things. Also, don't forget the first aid kit. If you find a nice handy dandy personalized first aid kit from either one of the drug stores or the retail stores, that would be great to have as well in case something happens. So with that in mind, those items should keep you well stocked should the emergency come up on the road and believe me, it's going to happen one time or another.


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