How to Be First Off at a 4-Way Stop Sign

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At a four-way stop sign, first determine who has the right-of-way to figure out when it is safe to proceed through the intersection. Be the first off at a four-way stop by arriving at the stop sign first with safety tips from a driving instructor in this free video on driving lessons.

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Video Transcript

O.k.,hey gang, Rich the driving instructor again. O.k., now we're talking now we're talking about four way stops, how to legally stop. O.k., the only legal thing about it is make sure you do a full and complete stop. You gotta give yourself time to check to make sure if it's clear from the right and the left before you proceed. The main thing to look out for is are you at a four way intersection or a two way. It's real important that you understand that. And if you get it mixed up you could be in big trouble. So for example, if nothing else, count stop signs. Stop sign, stop sign, stop sign, stop sign. That's to know you got a four way stop.That means everybody needs to be stopping before you go. If it's a two way stop, you gotta figure out whose got the right of way. In this case we have a stop sign, they have a stop sign, cross traffic has the right of way. The most important thing is to make sure you do a full and complete stop that gives you time to look. Also just don't be concerned with the legality of the law by stopping at the stop sign. Suppose you stop, like right now I can't see, there's a truck in my way. I'm going to inch up a couple of inches to get a better view. Yeah, I've stopped but the most important thing is, you want to make sure it's clear and safe before you proceed. O.k., off we go. That's what you gotta do is be safe at a four way stop or two way stop.


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