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Before using a product to make teeth whiter, it's important to consult a dentist, because whitening can often be achieved through a simple cleaning. Promote whiter teeth through good hygiene with information from a dentist in this free video on dental health and tooth care.

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Video Transcript

There are many different ways to whiten teeth, and certainly, there are all kinds of things on the market, that one can use to help achieve this effect. Before we discuss any sort of treatment options for whitening teeth, it's very important, that before you pursue any sort of whitening, that you do consult your dentist, prior to doing this. It's very important that whitening can sometimes be achieved by something simple, such as getting a cleaning, and certainly, teeth that have not been cleaned at the dentist's office for awhile, or someone that has poor hygiene, is going to have more problems with getting their teeth lightened, so before you consider any sort of whitening procedures for your teeth, it's important that you go see a dentist, to make sure that you're a candidate for it, and also that you're not having any other issues, such as tooth decay, or gum disease, or bad breath, things of that nature. As far as the different whitening options, they can start out very simply, by just having good hygiene. Good hygiene is probably the biggest determinant for how white your teeth are. Brushing and flossing and using mouth rinse, things like that, can help contribute to the whiteness of your teeth, and sometimes that's not enough, but that's usually the first thing you look at when you start. Certainly other options, is there are whitening treatments that are available, and you can get them over the counter, in the form of a mouth rinse, or a toothpaste, or even bleaching gel, that actually goes over the teeth. Then, there's things beyond over the counter, such as dentist related treatments, where we actually make custom fit trays to your teeth, where you wear bleaching gel at night. You can wear them overnight, and there's certainly other treatments that are more elite, and more prestigious, such as ZOOM whitening, which is what we call laser whitening. It's a special procedure, where medicine is put on the teeth, and we use a special light, that kind of amplify the whole process, and that's kind of like the best of the best, in terms of teeth whitening, but there are a variety of options. It just depends on, each patient is different, in how they respond to the whitening, and it's important that you get assessed by a dentist, before you make any sort of commitments to whitening. Make sure the dentist is checking for tooth decay, and gum recession, and gum disease, and any other dental problems that could complicate or hamper the ability, for you to whiten your teeth, but there are many different whitening options on the market, and they can range from as simple as brushing and flossing, to toothpaste, to mouth rinse, all the way up to professional treatments by the dentist, such as laser whitening, and bleaching trays.


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