Can a Dental Gold Bridge Be Repaired?

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In order to repair a dental gold bridge, a dentist will have to evaluate the problem and tweak the way a crown or filling touches the opposing tooth. Discover when a dental laboratory is needed to fix a dental gold bridge with information from a dentist in this free video on dental gold.

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Video Transcript

In certain circumstances there are ways that a gold bridge or a gold crown or even a filling can be repaired. It is very imperative that the dentist will evaluate the needs of what the repair or assess what the nature of the repair will be. If it is something simple like basically adding it to the side of the tooth to try to build it up against another tooth often times it can be repaired or if it is being used to tweak the way that the crown or filling would touch the opposing tooth so as far as making the bite more solid or stable that is another example of a way that gold can actually be repaired. It doesn't require a special laboratory in order to do that but it is possible. However, often times when the gold bridge needs a repair or a fix it is often due to something more crucial such as something underneath the bridge is broken so while gold can be repaired it often times depends on the condition of the teeth within the crown of the filling. Often times you will find that there is a cavity or a fracture and no matter what sort of repair that you do to the gold it doesn't fix the nature of the problem which is the tooth but there are certain circumstances where a gold crown, bridge, or filling can be repaired, however, you need to consult your dentist as well as a lab will be consulted to make sure that the repair can be done in a satisfactory manner.


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