What Is the Weight of a Gold Dental Crown?

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The weight of a gold dental crown, tooth or bridge is usually determined by a variety of factors, such as tooth size and what material is in the alloy. Find out why back teeth are often heavier than front teeth with information from a dentist in this free video on dental gold.

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Video Transcript

The weight of a dental gold crown or tooth or bridge is often determined by multiple things. One thing you need to look at is if you have a gold crown on a back tooth versus a front tooth. We know that in general back teeth are a lot larger than front teeth and for that reason alone we know that the gold will be a lot more proportioned than the tooth. Because of that the crown will be bigger and therefore heavier so you'll find that a crown on a back tooth is going to be much heavier than a front tooth based on tooth size. Certainly the other thing that determines the weight of the gold is what is in the alloy. We talked earlier about how with a dental gold crown that because there is a combination of gold in an alloy of metals that the other metals that are put within the gold can also determine the weight too. All metals are what have different weights and sizes and because of that there are certain metals in the alloy that will make one gold crown on the back tooth weigh more than another gold tooth on another back tooth so the weight is often times determined by the size, by the size of the tooth and comparing like a front tooth with a back tooth but also comparing the composition of the gold where you know it doesn't just have gold and silver. It doesn't have gold and silver, tin, platinum and palladium. These are variables that will determine how much it weighs.


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