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The Toyota Camry Hybrid has a four-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor, an electric air conditioning, an electric power steering and regenerative braking. Discover how the hybrid Camry provides more power and better fuel efficiency than the standard Toyota Camry with information from a Toyota sales representative in this free video on Toyota cars.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm David. Welcome to Toyota of Tampa Bay. I'm here to tell you a little bit about the Camry Hybrid. The Camry Hybrid is approximately 10% of US Camry sales. The Camry Hybrid takes what is superior technology in the standard Camry and takes it one step further. The Camry Hybrid incorporates Toyota's leading edge technology to produce a superior vehicle with superior fuel economy for mid size sedan and maximum utilization. The Camry Hybrid merges our four cylinder engine with an electric motor to provide you with more power but better fuel efficiency. The Camry Hybrid incorporates certain technologies that are cutting edge for Toyota and in the auto industry. The vehicle has electric air conditioning so it doesn't rob any power from the gasoline engine when it runs to cool the car. The Camry Hybrid also has electric power steering which provides surer handling. There is no cavitation which is the lag that can occur in emergency maneuvers when you are trying to avoid an obstacle or a collision with another vehicle. There are no hydraulics that have to catch up with your movement. The electric gear mechanism works seamlessly to allow you to steer around troubles. The vehicle has regenerative braking which incorporates cutting edge technology, utilizes electric resistance in the mechanical pressure to stop the vehicle sure, straight and smooth, the Camry Hybrid while it only represents 10% of the sales is really the cutting edge to the consuming public and it is one of Toyota's most reliable vehicles in terms of performance and the resale value on Camry Hybrids is legendary because there are so few available and the vehicle has superior performance at a moderate price. Thanks for listening to our story about the Camry Hybrid and I hope you will come and try one out soon. I'm David Trachtenberg for Toyota of Tampa Bay.


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