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When trout fishing, the type of equipment used dictates the type of bait that is used. Use a graphite rod and reel to cast lighter baits with advice from the owner of a tackle shop in this free video on fishing bait.

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Hi, I'm Larry Mastry, of Mastry's Bait &Tackle, and we're going to talk a little bit about how to catch salt water speckled trout, and the type of baits that we use. First of all, the type of equipment, dictates the type of bait that you can use. Now, this case right here, this would be a very, very typical outfit that you would use, an outfit to seven foot in length, graphite, so it's nice and light. A reel that matches, and typically anywhere from eight to twelve pound test line. This allows you to be able to cast some of these lighter baits, work some of these artificials effectively, so that you can get the proper action. Now, one bait that is used, probably more so than anything else, in a natural bait, would be the shrimp. Now, this shrimp can be used in different ways, but primarily what we're going to use, is a shrimp with a straight hook, and we're going to either go right behind the horn, in that fashion right there, to hook him up, and then you can either use a shrimp without any weight on it, or we can add a little split shot for weight, or we can add a little float, to keep him out of the grass, so that's a very, very effective way of catching spotted sea trout. Another real popular method,is what we call a jerk bait. It's basically a plastic worm, and we're going to insert a jig head right down the center, and then we're going to roll it, and we're going to come out, and it has two little barbs here, that actually hold that worm in place. I'm just going to pull it straight up like this, so it's fairly straight, then we're going to tie about a twenty pound monofilament leader, or fluorocarbon leader, and cast it out, with that light outfit, and what this does, it allows you to work a big, big area, or a grass flat. You just wind it, and you jerk it, and just a little bit of a tap to it, and that attracts those fish, and not only a trout, you'll catch other things as well, but this is a very, very popular way of fishing in salt water, and then lastly, same time of deal, it's a jerk bait, but this cork is on your liter itself, and what this does, this allows you to fish a shallow water area, so that your bait is not constantly getting in the grass, and filing up, so if you're fishing, say an area that is two foot, and there's a lot of grass, you can actually fish above the grass, which allows you to work that whole grass flat, without gut hanging on the bottom. These are some of the baits you can use, to have success fishing for speckled sea trout.


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