How to Install Harley Davidson Saddlebags

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Harley Davidson saddlebags can be removed and installed simply if they are detachable saddle bags. Get a professional to install saddlebags that won't be detached with help from the manager of a Harley Davidson dealership in this free video on motorcycle maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Hey, tired of always lookin' for a buddy that has saddlebags so he can carry your stuff? Well, today we're going to discuss a little bit about saddlebags, and how you can either buy a bike that has em' or install your own. Hey, I'm Steve Greenstein from Jim's Harley Davidson here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Right here, I have a 2009 street guide. This bike actually comes with saddlebags, so to clean this bike the saddlebags are made to be removed. And it's pretty much that quick to take the bags off this bike. Now, if you have a bike that doesn't have saddlebags, depending if it's a Harley, they make numerous kits that have bags. They're not quite as easy to take off as that. So, what you have to decide is what you want; convenience or not. They make a what they call a rigid mountain bag. It stays on all the time. They do make some detachable kits, but it does involve a lot of hardware, so I would really recommend that you pay a professional to install your saddlebags on your motorcycle, because in some cases the turn signals have to be relocated and that involves wiring. So, in and if you don't do it properly you could have some problems. Now, if you feel you're confident there are instructions that gives you how to do that. So again, look in the catalog, find the bags you want. These are fiberglass bags. They do offer fiberglass bags, they offer leather, they other offer synthetic. There's numerous styles of bags. So again, this is a detachable bag, and it goes on just this quick. Hey, this is Steve Greenstein for Jim's Harley Davidson.


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