How to Check Hospitals for Missing Persons

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Missing persons can sometimes end up at local hospitals, so bring a picture of the individual to all local emergency rooms to more efficiently search for him or her. Call 9-1-1 and visit the hospitals in the area to locate a missing person with information from a board-licensed practical nurse in this free video on health care.

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Video Transcript

If you're trying to locate a missing person, a good place to check would be a local hospital. I'm Dan Carlson, I'm a nurse and today we're going to go over, "How to find a missing person in a hospital". First things you need to do is, find out where the person was last seen or last heard of. If, maybe they could turn up in a hospital around there. Start there by looking in the yellow pages or online and find hospitals, clinics, stuff like that where you can locate a missing person. Then what you need to do is take a picture of that person and bring it with so that, you know, if they are resembling this person, the patient that looks this, it'll make a lot easier for the search if they don't have a name with them. Some patients come in unconscious and they don't have any identification, they're referred to as Jane or John Doe. So picture can help a lot. First thing you want to do is go to the receptionist, find them, talk to them about, maybe this person's here for something, check with the emergency room; that's usually the first place they'll come in. You want to talk to pretty much everyone you can and if you can't do that, just repeat the whole process for the next closest hospital. Also, don't forget call 911. See if they're turn up anything about the person you're missing. Know where they were last seen, get a picture of them, check at all the lose ends you can find. I'm Dan Carlson. Thank you very much.


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