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Smoking can result in bad effects on the body, including tissue damage on a cellular level, phlegm buildup in the chest, teeth yellowing and higher risks of cancer, emphysema and respiratory distress. Research all of the negative effects that smoking has on the body with health information from a board-licensed practical nurse in this free video on smoking.

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Video Transcript

When you smoke, you ingest over 4,000 chemicals into your body with each puff. What we're going to talk today about is the bad effects of smoking. I'm Dan Carlson, I'm a nurse. Mainly one thing you're going to look at is where's the smoke going? It's going into your lungs and it's causing a lot of tissue damage in there on a cellular level and a lot of times it causes a hard time breathing because you're getting a lot of mucus and tar and a lot of phlegm in there and that's why it's harder to breath, harder to exercise is because you're not getting that oxygen that you need. Another thing is yellow teeth, bad breath, just general smelling. A lot of things can be traced back to smoking. A lot of cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, all sorts of problems. Smoking really doesn't have any good effects, that's the problem. What you need to do is try to quit smoking as fast as possible otherwise these bad effects can accumulate and it'll be too late for you to do anything. A lot of people have to use oxygen because of long term smoking, that's another problem and they can't really get out of their chairs to get up and go do something because they don't have the energy or the ability to move as fast as they once were. Quitting smoking can help a lot to take away those bad effects and to kind of reverse those effects on your lungs and on your body and just all around give you a more well being and a better lifestyle. I'm Dan Carlson, thank you very much.


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