How to Make Your Car Smell Good

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Making a car smell good can by done using common car air fresheners that are hung from the rear view mirror, mounted by a vent or placed in the glove box, and spraying the carpets and seats with a product like Febreeze is also a great way to keep the car smelling fresh. Maintain a good-smelling car with automotive advice from an ASE-certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Mark. In this segment we're going to cover how to make your car smell good. Now, what smells good is entirely up to you. But there is just literally hundreds of products out and available on the market for interior automotive smells. And these can be found at your local auto parts stores, general discount stores, stuff of that nature. And they usually have a dedicated rack. There is so many different products and so many different smells available, it's just absolutely mind boggling. You should have no problem finding something that smells good to you. There is several different ways that this can be applied. They have the older style scented trees, that you simply cut out a small portion of the package and pull them out slowly. And left inside the car, anywhere you would get some air circulation, these will change the smell to the new car smell or what ever smell they are scented to. These can be hung from the rear view mirror. You want to put them somewhere where they will get some circulation. A lot of people think that's tacky. You can mount them down below, up underneath where your vents come out, underneath the dash in the back. There are several places they can be hung from down there. That way they are out of sight, you will still get a good airflow and you'll get a good even smell. There's other products that just adhere or stick on your dashboard. Some of them clip into the vents so as you are using the heating and cooling system in your vehicle, it forces the air through the air freshener. There's just a lot of different products available that will help you with your car smell. You can use a home product like Febreeze. Just spray it onto the carpet. Or if you have cloth upholstery, you can just spray it around on the seats. And that works really good as well. These are just some of the ways you can change your car smell and make your car smell good.


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