How to Polish & Clean a Car Dashboard

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A car dashboard requires occasional polish and cleaning, and using a mild detergent will remove the dust while applying a layer of sealer will protect the dash from UV rays from the sun. Polish and clean a car dashboard to maintain the interior of a car with auto advice from an ASE-certified master mechanic in this free video on car maintenance.

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Video Transcript

Hello my name is Mark and in this segment we are going to cover how to clean and polish a car dashboard. As you can see I have got a nice dusty, dirty dashboard here and what we are going to do is just two quick steps. First we are going to use a mild detergent, just a general purpose cleaner that can be gotten at most all utility stores. You spray a small amount around and if you are working up around the windshield and you don't want the over spray of the cleaner going up there you can spray the rag yourself and then wipe it down and you just want to go around and wipe up all that loose dust and dirt off. If you get dust down in the cracks or the molding or the vents or stuff of that nature you can use a small brush, a cuticle brush or a toothbrush and that gets that out real quick and easy. After you get all the dust and dirt off of it then we just want to put on a layer of a protectant and seal it and kind a shiny device that also offers a UV protection and that is what usually causes the most damage to the dashboards and automobiles today is sunlight. So you just want to squirt a small amount on to the rag, always apply it with a rag in this fashion and that way you won't get it on your windshield or other items that you don't want to polish on and just follow the directions on the manufacturer's bottle and just wipe it down, apply it evenly and as you can see you will come up with a nice shiny protective sealant on your dashboard. So that is a quick and easy way that you can clean and protect a car dashboard.


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