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When solving algebra math equations, remember the order of operations, understand the rules on signs and learn what equations the words in a word problem are referencing. Find the solution for algebra problems using simple tips and advice from a math teacher in this free video math lesson.

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Video Transcript

So what are some Algebra math tips that you could keep in mind when you are taking those pesky math courses? Hi I'm Jimmy and I have been teaching college mathematics for about nine years now and I am here to offer you a few tips as to what you can keep in mind when you are in those courses taking tests, homework, etc. Now one of the most things to keep in mind are the order of operations, you know the sentence that involves Dear Sally Please excuse my dear aunt Sally, remember what those words actually mean though, parentheses, exponents, multiply, divide, add and subtract. Remember that order of operations will always be there for every exercise that you do and remember your Dear Aunt Sally is always going to be watching you. Now something else to keep in mind is remember those rules on signs. Now you know a positive and a positive make a positive, negative times a negative is going to give you a positive as well. Remember, like signs will give you positive but when you have a positive and a negative those two signs next to each other will always give you a negative symbol so definitely keep in mind those rules of signs and last but not least one of the things you always want to keep in mind especially with those word problems stay on top of what those words mean because a lot of those words mean the same thing throughout each problem. So for example if you see a phrase that says the sum of two numbers, sum means addition remember that the word difference that means subtraction, the product, multiplication and the quotient between two numbers is division so a lot of those words will always be consistent in every math problem that you do especially when it comes to those application problems. So I'm Jimmy and those have been some Algebra math tips.


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