Converting Whole Numbers to Percentages

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Convert whole numbers to percentages by placing a decimal point after the number, and then shifting the decimal point two places to the right. Fill the empty space behind the number with zeros to determine the percentage using help from a math teacher in this free video math lesson.

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Video Transcript

So how do you convert whole numbers to percentages? Hi I'm Jimmy. I've been teaching college mathematics for nine years now and I'm here to show you exactly how to do that. Now converting whole numbers to percentages is actually a straightforward exercise and I think you might actually like it once you see how this works. So here is an example. Take the number 4, suppose we want to convert that to a percentages. Now what you have to do first is put the decimal where it belongs after the 4. Now because it is the whole number 4 you simply put a decimal right after that. Now here is how you convert it to a percentage. To convert any number to a percentage you just take the decimal and shift it to the right two places like this, one, two and then end the decimal right there. Now you see these little egg baskets here? You fill in these egg baskets and you just put in 0's everywhere you see so 4, the whole number 4 is actually 400%. Now here is another one real quick for you. Suppose you wanted to convert the number 23 into a percentages. Same exact system and pattern you put the decimal where it belongs first right after the 3 in 23 and then just like we did with the number 4, take the decimal and shift it to the right two places so one, two and the decimal there and then just put 0's in those egg baskets so you put one, two. So 23 is actually 2,300% which actually sounds like a big number but that is all you really have to do. So I'm Jimmy and that is how you convert whole numbers into percentages.


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