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Find the mean of a series of numbers by adding all of the numbers together and dividing by the amount of numbers in the series. Learn how the average of numbers is the same as the mean with information from a math teacher in this free video math lesson.

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Video Transcript

So how do you find the mean, what is the mean, that sounds mean doesn't it? Hi I'm Jimmy. We're here to find the mean, and there's nothing actually mean about it per se, once you see the steps. The mean is actually just a fancy word for the average. So if you know how to find the average of certain things then you'll definitely know how to find the mean. So this is more of a reinforcement or if you're learning how to find the average for the first time, you'll know that it means the same thing as finding the mean. So here's an example as to five numbers. What you have to keep in mind is of course there's five numbers, because that five is going to be important later on. But what you want to do with these five numbers when it comes to finding the mean is you simply just need to add them together as you go along. So 9 plus 7 is 16, 16 plus 1 is 17, 17 plus 2 is 19 and 19 plus 0 obviously is still 19. So you know if you add all of these numbers together you have 19. Now what you do with that is you divide 19 by again, the total number of figures that you see, which of course is 5. Now what it turns into to find the mean is a straight forward long division exercise, 5 goes into 19 how many times. Well it's got to be 3. Three times 5, do the multiplication now, 3 times 5 is going to 15, do the subtraction and you're going to have 4, 4 is the remainder but you can rewrite that remainder as 4 over 5. So what you're going to actually say is that the mean is 3 and 4/5. So as long as you add all the numbers and divide by all the numbers there are you will always find the mean each and every time. So I'm Jimmy and that is exactly how you find the mean.


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