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Numbers were first recorded around 30,000 BC as tally marks and eventually evolved into a number system by the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians between 3400 BC and 3100 BC. Find out how negative numbers were developed in China and irrational numbers were developed in India with information from a math teacher in this free video on math history.

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Who invented the numbers that we use today? Or who invented numbers in general? Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, I've been teaching college math for about nine years and we're here to give an overview of the evolution of numbers because over time we've had lots of different groups of numbers but they weren't invented over night. It took a lot of time and effort and frankly numbers underwent quite a bit of evolution over the period of history. So here's where it all started. Numbers were first recorded and used around 30,000 BC. That's when they were using the bones and the little artifacts that they had. And if you remember tally marks, like one two three four, for every five, it's kind of where it got it's origin from and that was their method of counting back in the day. Much later in 3400 BC, the Mesopotamians came up with one of the first number systems which is a base sixty number system. That means there were sixty characters used in that number system, sixty symbols if you will. The first base 10 system, one of the first base 10 systems was used in Egypt back in 3100 BC. This lays the foundation for our current number system today because we use in everyday life, a base 10 number system. From 100 BC to about 50 BC, China came up with the development of negative numbers, but it's first western exposure was around the third century AD in Greece. Rational numbers were introduced in prehistoric times, so it does have a long history, but irrational numbers came around in development in India, which ironically also was the home where infinity first got started, and the first western reference of infinity was theorized by Aristotle, so... But as you can tell, numbers have had a long rich history in its lifetime and this just provides a glimpse as to where numbers have been. So this has been a glimpse as to how and who invented numbers and the number system.


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