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Geometry can be a tricky subject, but being familiar with as many geometric shapes, theorems, formulas, postulates and characteristics as possible will greatly improve the understanding of the subject. Learn geometry more efficiently with instructions from a college-level math teacher in this free video on geometry.

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So what are some Math Geometry tips? Hi, my name is Jimmy Chang. I've been teaching College Mathematics for nine years and Geometry is always one of those topics that folks either really like or they don't like. Now one of the reasons they may not like it as much as Algebra for example is because, there's some, some pros involve and it's, some of it, the work can be very tedious. But the thing is, there are some tips that allow you to succeed in Geometry, but it will take some work; but you know, there are words are worth it and you'll be, definitely be able to succeed in Geometry by following some of these steps. First of all, be as familiar with it as many geometric shapes, their characteristics and their relationships as possible. There are a lot of different theorems and postulates out there that deal with the different shapes and there's lot of shapes that are related to each other and there's that one shape is a variation of another shape. So, first chance you get, know these and know these well. Also important is know the various kinds of angles and their properties. There's complimentary angles, supplementary angles, right angles, acute angles, vertical angles, a lot of angles and their properties and chances are, a lot of those properties overlap. Again, the more familiar you are with those, the better off you'll be because they often take into account when you have to prove certain things especially proving why certain parts are congruent to each other. Now and lastly, it's a really good idea to know the area and volume formulas because if you're ask to find the areas, the volume or even the perimeter, which is much easier than area and volume, once you know those respective formulas, you can just knock them out in a few seconds; all it takes is perhaps using a calculator to figure out what the exact numbers are going to be. But if you follow this list of Geometry tips, then you'll definitely do well in your Geometry course. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and there's been some Math Geometry tips.


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