What Is the Meaning of Congruent?

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The meaning of the word congruent is very similar to being equal, and it is often used in geometry in reference to side lengths and angle degrees. Understand the meaning of congruency with instructions from a college-level math teacher in this free video on geometry.

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Video Transcript

So what is the meaning of congruent? Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang; I've been teaching College Mathematics for nine years and we will answer that question right now. Now congruent is often related to the word equal even though they don't quite mean the same thing, even though they do sound very similar when you put them side by side. Now here's a definition of what congruent actually is. It, we're talking about equal parts or equal wholes and the idea of congruent is often use in geometry. Now it is little different from equal sign in that respect. Now the symbol for congruent is often a wavy line but there's an equal sign right below it. That's why they're, they can be confused with each other but they're not quite the same. Now, here's an example as to how congruents can be used and I want to use triangles as an illustration. You have here two triangles. Now, in order for them to be congruent, they have to have the same equal angles as well as the same lengths for sides. Now to indicate congruents for sides, here's how you do that. If this side is congruent to this side, then what you do is you represent that they're congruent by putting a single slash. Now, if you wanted to show that this side is equal to this side, then you have a second pair of corresponding sides that are congruent and you indicate the second pair by double slashes. And then if you want to show that the hypotenuses are equal, then you represent three slashes. Now as relates to angles, you use curves instead. Now, if you wanted to prove that this angle is congruent to this angle, you draw one curve. And if you wanted to show that this angle was equal to this angle, then you use two curves to indicate the congruents. And if this was triangle 1 and this was triangle 2, if you want to show that they're both congruent, then you basically use the congruent symbol. So, my name is Jimmy Chang and that is a demonstration as to the meaning of congruent.


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