How to Unlock a Cell Phone

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Unlock a cell phone to use a different service provider by obtaining the special access code for the phone or contacting a specialty cell phone unlock shop. To unlock a cell phone keypad, find the correct button or key combination on the keypad with help from the manager of a cell phone store in this free video on cell phones.

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Video Transcript

I'm Geordie from AT&T Spring and I'm going to show you how to unlock a cell phone. As you can see on this particular model. I do have the keypad locked. Sometimes some of the phones have a default setting. To where the keypad automatically locks after a certain amount of seconds. That the phone is not being used. That way you can't make a call, hit any buttons that you don't, you're not aware of or you don't want to be hitting. On this particular model an easy one step process will unlock your keypad and enable you to use the keypad. Make a call, text message. Do any of the functionalities that the cell phone's capable of doing. On this particular model which is the LG View. It's one step button. It's located on the side. The screen will also point you to where that unlock button is. You hit the button and it enables that keypad. So now I can make a call, send a text message. Do what ever it is I need to do without having a locked keypad on a cell phone. One of the other questions that we get about unlocking a cell phone is how to unlock a cell phone to use on a different service provider. This requires you to know the special access code for the cell phone. That you can get either on line or through specialty cell phone unlock shops. What needs to be done. Is you need take the cell phone into the store let them know what service provider you have. Who it is you want to switch to and what phone it is you use. You then give them the phone. There is a price for a unlock code. They'll unlock the cell phone with the unlock code. If there's settings that need to be reset they'll reset the settings and than you will enable your phone to be used on a different cell phone network.


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