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A hard drive that can be used with the Canon XL2 is the Fire Store FS4 made my Focus Enhancements, which is very compatible with Canon cameras and offers many options and settings. Find the right hard drive to back up digital video with tips from a professional videographer in this free video on cameras.

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Video Transcript

External hard drives for your Canon XL2. I've been extremely happy with this Fire Store FS4, external hard drive made by Focus Enhancements. I searched throughout and this one seem to be the best price and the most popular one. Another nice thing about it is is that, Canon is real aware of the focus enhancements and focus enhancements is real aware of the Canon, so they know if there's going to be glitches between the two and they're more than helpful to, with problems. Another thing I'm really happy about is, I had a little problem with this and the warranty is really good to me. I sent it in, I call them, I sent it in; they had it back to me within a week, it was working like a champ. So I've been real happy with Focus Enhancement's tech help, their repair and the equipment. The menu on the FS4 is actually very nice. It's got a lot of choices in it. It's got three different types of counters in it, for counting up, counting down. It tells you how much time is left. It gives you choices to as, to whether you're going to use it as a DV recorder with your cam or a DD drive. It gives you quite a few choices in the types of DV formats you want. You can shoot it in raw; you have AVI type 2 in 1 Canopus and I use AVI type 2 because it works well with Premier Pro. You know, you've got your normal lighting and contrast and all that and it shoots with the, a light on; so it's good in low lights situations, when you're light is on your subject and not you and then all of the normal things you'd find in a computer for formatting and repairing clips. Synchro slave portion of it is very nice. The synchro slave allows me to set it on on my camera and then the camera just runs it so I don't have to set it start or anything like that, it's just automatic. Now one of the things I did, the Canon XL2 comes with this mounting board on the back and I wasn't sure what that was to, to be used for. But I found out it works really well with my external hard drive. What I did is I put a piece of velcro on the back and put a piece of velcro on this and mount it right to that and I can take it on or off very easily. It also comes with a clip so you can put it on your belt if you want to wear it on your belt, if that works better for you. The only thing I'd recommend is getting a backup battery. Just like everything else, they're kind of expensive but, I got a long use backup battery and that's what I use as my main battery most of the time than I use the one it came with it which is about an hour as my backup battery. But, you throw it on here like this, you hook up your fire wire to the; you have your choice up here for a computer or DV recorder. So you hook up your fire wire and hook it into your four pin in the back of your camera here and you're ready to rock and roll. Set on synchro slave and it'll run as you need it, just push record and it runs. You can use it, I like to use it for timing my projects if I need to know how much time I've got unto a project. I use the timer that's on here now and that's a nice thing. Sometimes I've notice that a little bit of interference will come through from your drive and it will affect the sound in your camera. Just happens rarely but, and it only happens when it's up here. So what I've done is I've also mounted a spot on my tripod where I can sit this so it stays with my camera but it's mounted on the tripod by using this clip and a little support. So that's what I do to mount it onto the tripod. If I'm out moving around and stuff; you know, you got to give up something; so I put it, I go ahead and mount it back up here and I just take a chance that, some of it just attach to interference now and then. But if you do notice interference from that coming through on your sound, that's probably what is, is your, your hard drive motor. And then it just shuts ff and on right here. It's real simple system. It's 40 gig hard drive. It won't work for the high definition, it's just doesn't hold enough information. You're going to have to go to the, the new ELEC FS 100s or something like that if you want to use it with your high-def camera and that's on my shopping list.


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