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Troubleshooting for the Canon XL2 can be found in the manual and online, and they can include cleaning the heads, readjusting the settings and general upkeep. Troubleshoot for this well-built camera with tips from a professional videographer in this free video on cameras.

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Video Transcript

Canon XL2 troubleshooting. The nice thing about a Canon XL2 is it is a well built camera. It is strong, all the buttons are on the outside. Everything about it is built to be used, it is built to be used outdoors, indoors and with all of the buttons outside that kind of lends itself to some problems happening if you accidentally touch the camera, push a button. The other day I noticed my AE shift was off, probably just hit it with my hand. There are other buttons on the outside so every time you go to use it you want to make sure your settings are correct that you are using the settings that you intended to use, that all your formats and everything is correct. You are going to find that when you need troubleshooting it is because of operator error. There are actually very few things that go wrong with the camera but what you are going to do is the first place you are going to go is you are going to go to your manual, go to the troubleshooting section, you can see that I have used this manual a lot. It is beat up because I go to it a lot to learn and then I use it and whenever there is a problem I go to the troubleshooting and almost always the error is operator error. One of the things I did notice that was wrong with the camera and I didn't know quite how to fix it is I was getting a lot of pixelation and bars across, a lot of crossing bars and things like that. I thought something was wrong with the camera I thought it was brought and I went to the troubleshooting area and it basically said to clean your heads and it tells how to clean your heads. I cleaned my heads and everything worked great. It was clean as a whistle, didn't have to clean my heads again for quite a while. On that thought some of the lubricants that come in the tapes can get on your heads and can cause them to get dirty so you are going to want to make sure your heads are cleaned fairly often so all in all I think you will find very few things will go wrong with your Canon XL 2 because it is such a well built and strong and easy to use system but don't be afraid to use Canon's help. I have called Canon and and they have been very helpful to me on things that I couldn't figure out, things that would seem obvious after you know the problem and work at the time. Canon USA help, your manual, trouble shooting section. Check your buttons and make sure that you always are set up the way you want to be set up and you'll have very few problems with this camera.


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