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The EF lens adapter for the Canon XL2 is a battery-operated device that fits between the camera body and any Canon EOS lens to get greater zooming capabilities and better low-light shooting. Learn about a few key features of the EF lens adapter with tips from a professional videographer in this free video on cameras.

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Video Transcript

The Canon EF Lens Adapter is basically a battery operated mechanical device. It fits between your camera body and any of up to 50 Canon lenses that are made for your actual still camera EOS system cameras. They are EF lenses which are electro focus lenses that can be used in conjunction with the Canon XL2 if you have this EF adapter. What that does is when you are using say a 28 millimeter lens you have to have a 7.2 magnifying factor with the adapter so you are taking a 28 millimeter lens up to a 200 millimeter lens which is your smallest lens to a very nice size lens. If you go up to some of your bigger lenses of course you are going to magnify them out by 7.2 also. You are going to get yourself some huge reach out touch abilities with this setup. The lenses that come with the Canon XL2 are not the most expensive lenses in the world because they sell the system at a very good price. That is why there is a need to go to a EF lenses and use those on your XL2. It is really nice that you are able to do that. You can still adjust your aperture through the camera normally but you are going to have to manually zoom it and you are going to have to focus manually. But that is just a small drawback to having the ability to reach out and touch and most cameramen will adjust those things manually anyhow. One of the other advantages of this system is you have really good low light capabilities. You can get right down in the dusk and dawn time which is when the wildlife are out and take some very nice pictures reaching out quite aways to do that. The problem you are going to have and you have to be careful of this is you are going to have to use ND filters and because you are using a lens that doesn't normally have an ND filter on it you are going to have to use screw on ND filters to make sure that you don't blow out and have a lot of really bright whites during the day. Dusk to dawn take the ND filter off, the general consensus is the EF adapter used in with any of the F 2.8 lenses is an excellent setup and that is what gives you the low light capabilities and the excellent Macro capabilities so that is what I would recommend if you are going to do that is to use the best lens you can and have a full Canon system. The camera is the cheapest part of the whole system and the lenses are what costs the money so if you are going to do that use an XL2 and a Canon EOS system then you will be in good shape and be able to do a lot of things with that camera setup. If you like more information on it which is a really nice forum for those of us that use a lot of digital equipment you can get information on that but a really nice forum thread on the Canon EF adapter so I would recommend you try out that site and you'll learn a lot about the different lenses that work well with that.


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