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Software for the Canon XL2 digital camcorder includes Canon Image Control and Storage, where the camera can be controlled remotely from the computer. Look for software that is compatible to Canon digital camcorders with tips from a professional videographer in this free video on cameras.

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Video Transcript

Software for a Canon XL2 camera. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to control your camera remotely, or you need more information about it; what it is you are producing there, there's a software called Canon Image Control and Storage Software Version 1.1. What this does is this gives you a screen on your computer where you can actually control just about everything that you have for controls on your Canon XL2. The nice thing about it is it also works with high definition cameras too, such as the Canon XHA1 and G1, so it's a really nice software that you can use. Like in my situation, where I have a Canon XL2; I also have a Canon XHA1. I can use it with both of those. And what that does is it gives you, through the use of this standard looking browser with pull down menus, tool bars, and all that, it gives you a record and a playback mode. On your playback mode you can pull up what you've just played in your camera, or you can go ahead and put in an SD card or something that might be on your hard drive; pull em' up and look at it through that. Through your record mode you have a myriad of controls; all of the controls you have on the camera, plus you have a vectorscope and a waveform monitor, which are a must if you're doing some production and you have to have matching video. If you have say two or three cameras goin' you can sit out two or three of the controllers and actually control all the cameras from one spot, and making sure that you are getting the best quality video that possible. In the record mode you're only allowed to use one camera at a time. You may have more cameras registered to use on that, but you can only use one camera at a time. The controls, the basic controls are your basic auto exposure, your white balance, your gain, your iris control, your focus, along with the vectorscope, and the waveform monitor, and then a lot of the other fine tuning controls that are necessary when you're doin' a production. Through your playback mode you actually have three screens available. You have your viewer with your counter, and then your file browser window so that you can go and find your files; either in your camera, on your card, or in your, on your hard drive in your computer, so you have all of those options. As with the still camera shooting through raw one of the advantages of shooting with the software like this is you get to see the actual picture of the final product. You can adjust it and make sure it looks good, and that it also matches with the other other cameras that you're using in your production. The general consensus amongst the forums and the other people that are using this software is that it's a very good software to use, especially if you're sold on Canon instruments and and you want to use your Canon XL2 like I do, and your XHA1. If you'd like to try consul image control storage software version 1.1 there is a free download for people that you have Canon XL2, and XHA1 and G1 cameras. If you want to buy the software you can go to Canon USA's site and they will tell you a local dealer, or you can order across the Internet.


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