How Much Does the Canon XL2 Weigh?

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The Canon XL2 camera body weighs about five pounds, the lens weighs another three pounds and the case, extra lenses, external hard drive, batteries and accessories add up to be 20 pounds combined with the camera. Weigh the equipment necessary to the Canon XL2 with tips from a professional videographer in this free video on cameras.

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So, how much does a Canon XL2 weigh? Well, it's a simple, and it's a hard question. The manual says that the camera body is five pounds, and with the lens on it, it's eight pounds. It's as simple as that, but the truth of the matter is, is when you're going to be packing your camera, you're going to have your camera body, you're going to have your lens on it. Most likely, you're going to have a spare zoom, which is a twenty power zoom, or a sixteen power, that comes with them, and that weighs another three pounds, so you're up to eleven pounds right now. Then I always use a hard drive, an external hard drive on my camera, because I don't like to take a chance on losing anything, if a tape is dirty or anything, so another pound and a half on your hard drive. You've got headphones, you're going to be packing your headphones. Spare batteries, you always have to have at least one or two spare batteries, spare batteries for your hard drive. Your case itself weighs quite a bit, and inside your case, you've got extra tapes, so when I'm packing this lug eye, with your remote control and all of your extra things, and of course, you've got your manual in there, and that's a big manual, so it weighs a pound. You're looking at packing twenty plus pounds with you, everywhere you go. It was quite a nice treat when I switched to my Canon XH A1. It comes in a smaller bag, with a lot less stuff, and it weighs probably about seven or eight pounds complete, so you can see the difference between packing a big camera, and the XH, which is a smaller, lighter camera, but I wouldn't recommend not buying it, just because of the weight, because it's a camera that will do everything for you, regardless of how much you have to take with you, and how much weight you're packing.


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