What's the Best Digital Camera for Wildlife Photos?


The best digital camera for wildlife photos are digital SLRs equipped with a telephoto lens, which allows the photographer to shoot very quick photographs from a safe distance. Find the best camera for wildlife photography with information from a professional art and commercial photographer in this free video on photography.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rebecca Guenther with www.M5A1photography.com and I'm going to talk to you about what the best camera for wildlife photography is. First of all, you're going to you're going to want to make sure that you have a digital SLR. This means that you can remove the lens and put on a different lens. As a general rule, you're going to want to use a telephoto lens so you can be as far from your subject as possible. This would really be if you're photographing, you know, birds to bears, to you know, lions on the Serengeti, either way you want to be obviously, you know, not right on top of them. You don't want to be interfering with them. Generally the goal of wildlife photography is to photograph the animals in their environment without them really knowing that you were there. You want to make sure also that you're using a camera that has the capability to capture thee image quickly, you know, fast shutter speed. Again, if your subject is moving rapidly, you know, as a bird flying would be, or you know, a cheetah running. You're going to want to freeze that. You're going to need a very fast shutter speed for that. Also, while a medium format camera would be ideal to use, in general because it will give you larger images with better details, it's somewhat difficult to use if you're, you know, traipsing through a jungle or something. You know, if you can carry it, I would recommend doing that, if perhaps your subject is more likely to be a little bit more still. But if you're going to be dealing with something moving quickly and you also are going to be need, needing to move quickly, you're going to want to stick with just, you know, a basic thirty-five millimeter equivalent DSLR. Your lens is also bound to be heavy because telephoto lenses, a you know, they have a lot of glass in them and a they do weigh quite a bit. You're going to try and want to have a tripod, but again, the fast shutter speed will counteract any moving that you do with your hands, so you know, you can usually do hand held if you need to as well, and that's just you know a little bit about how you would choose to buy a camera for wildlife photography.


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