Can You Burn Games With a CD Burner?

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The ability to burn, or make a copy of, a computer game depends on when the game was first released. Use the burning software that came with the computer to make copies of old PC games with help from a Web designer in this free video on computer tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Noah and today and today I'm going to answer the question of "can you burn games with a CD burner?" First of all, one thing to remember is that it's completely illegal to make a copy of a game that you have not purchased. However, if you've purchased a game, and you simply want to make a copy for in case the day comes when you either break the CD or lose it, or just the CD of the original is way too scratched to be able to use, then you have a valid point for wanting to make a copy of a computer game. The thing is whether or not you're able to make a copy depends largely on when the game was first published, and first released on CD or DVD. For older games, especially the ones that date back from before the year two-thousand, simply using the burning software that was delivered with your computer should do the trick. Or you can purchase a standard burning program like Nero. This will allow you to copy the game without any trouble and be able to play it if something happens to your original CD. However, for slightly newer games that are still on CD, chances are that they'll have copy protection, so you'll need to purchase a special program called CLONE CD which will basically make an exact copy of any CD, no matter what kind of copy protection it has and allow you to use it if your original CD gets damaged or lost. So for most games that were still published on CD and that have copy protection, using CLONE CD should do the trick just fine. However, for all the newer games that have been released on DVD in recent years, pretty much all of them have very strong copy protections, and you won't be able to copy them with a program like CLONE CD, so really it's going to be quite hard to make a copy of these, and you'll just have to be very careful not to scratch them or lose the original disc.


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