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A nebulizer is used to take liquid medication and turn it into a vapor for inhalation; nebulizers are commonly used for asthma patients and as anesthesia for animals. Discover more about how nebulizers are attached to a mask that the patient will wear to inhale the medication with information from a pet specialist in this free video on animal care.

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Video Transcript

What is a nebulizer? A nebulizer is a medical tool, it's kind of like a white box is what it kind of looks like and basically what it is, it's a way to mystify or it takes a liquid medication and it turns it into a mist for inhalation. It's most commonly used for asthma patients when someone's having a severe asthma attack or a really harsh asthma problem, they often take the asthma medication and it's liquid form and they insert it into the nebulizer which then turns it into a fine mist and it goes up through a tube into a mask that the patient wears and they inhale it. Very, very commonly used for that. It's also commonly used for applying other inhaling medications. I'm not aware of a large use for it in the veterinary field or for animals, but I'm sure it does probably have it's uses there. Most likely for anesthesia would be my guess or pain medicine in order to get the dog to relax and be able to be worked upon. They are a very, very handy tool. I have asthma, I have used them in the past for myself and they work extremely well.


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