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Drontal is a broad spectrum anti-worm medication used for cats and kittens to get rid of tapeworms and roundworms. Identify the signs of worms in cats, including small, white pieces or long strands in the stool, with help from a pet specialist in this free video on animal care.

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Video Transcript

What is Drontal? Drontal is a broad spectrum anti-worm medication for cats and kittens. It takes care of tapeworm, roundworm and hookworm. It's very, very effective, it works very well and it's only for use in cats and kittens. My understanding is that Drontal is a prescription only medicine, it has to be prescribed by a veterinarian so if you suspect that your cat or kitten has worms, you should definitely take her to a vet though there are medications you can buy over the counter. How do you know your cat or kitten have worms? In their stool you see something that is like little white grains of rice or if you see like long strands if it looks like spaghetti, those are worms and can indicate the need for a worm medication. The small bits, the small white pieces of grains of rice are a tapeworm and the long spaghetti like pieces are roundworm. It's important to remember that worms, especially tapeworms are zoonic disease which means that you can catch them from your animal so personal hygiene is extremely important when dealing with an animal that has worms of any type and when administrating medication or cleaning up the feces of an animal that has worms of any type. So make sure you're taking very good care of that while your animal has worms or you'll end up with worms.


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