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Home remedies for ear mites in an animal include purchasing an insecticide ear wash from the pet store, mixing yellow dock root extract with water or mixing almond oil with vitamin E oil. Apply several drops of an ear wash to the animal's ears for several days to get rid of mites with help from a pet specialist in this free video on animal care.

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What are some home remedies for ear mites? Well I mean honestly, your best bet of course of action for ear mites is just to run down to your local pet store and pick up some insecticidal ear wash. It's the easiest, quickest and fastest thing to do. Barring that, say if your animal has some sort of allergy or sensitivity to insecticides, you want to try something a little bit more natural, there are ways you can do that. The first thing you need to of course do is make sure you clean the ear out very, very well with some sort of ear cleaning solution and some cotton balls and Q-tips, be very, very careful not to get too deep into the ear canal. You don't want to damage anything. Once you have the ear cleaned out very, very well, the first type of medication you could use is, it's 9 drops of yellow dock root extract, don't ask me where to get it because I've never done it before but I just heard about people doing it. And you mix that with 1 tablespoon of water, you're going to take a little like a baby's ear syringe or an eye dropper and you're going to apply that into the ear and then you're going make sure the dog doesn't shake it out, you're going massage the ear with that in there for a few minutes or so. And then you can let the dog shake it's head out and maybe use some cotton balls to clean up any excess. You're going to want to do that treatment every 3 days for a period of about 3 weeks. Doing that should take care of any ear mite problems. Barring that, the second treatment you can try is a mixture of a half ounce of almond oil with 400 IUs of vitamin E. You're going to mix that, you're going to warm it up to about body temperature or so, you're going to apply half an eye dropper into each infected ear and then again, massage the ears very, very well, clean up any excess with cotton balls and you're going to do that for about a period of about 6 days and then you're going to leave it for 3 days and then do it again for another 6 days. That should take care of any ear mite problems as well. But again, both of these solutions are a little more involved then really necessary unless your animal has some sort of potential health risk with the insecticide or you yourself has some sort of health risk with it, or have some other hindering the use of the insecticide. Just go ahead and purchase some insecticide, it's an insecticidal ear wash remedy from a pet store, it's a heck of a lot easier and it's only going to cost you 5 or 6 bucks.


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