How Do Ticks Travel?

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Ticks travel by waiting for a person or animal to walk by, attaching themselves to the host and then feeding on the host. Learn more about how ticks expend less energy by waiting for their food to show up with information from a pet specialist in this free video on ticks.

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Video Transcript

How do ticks travel? Well ticks don't come to you so much as you go to ticks. An adult tick lays somewhere between 4 and 5,000 eggs in it's lifetime and generally lays them in moist, leafy areas like your lawn or the woods and then those eggs hatch and as people or animals wander through that area, the ticks grab onto you and they climb up your pant leg or up your animal's leg and they find a nice little place to nestle in and start feeding. So there's not a whole lot of, they don't really do a whole lot of traveling on their own. They kind of wait for their food to come to them. You're their pizza delivery guy and you're on the menu. So they just sit and wait. They're kind of like ambush predators. Most insects operate in a large part that way, they feed a lot less and expend a lot less energy to get what they need. They just wait around and wait for you to show up.


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