Side Effects of Baytril

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The side effects of Baytril, a common pet antibiotic, are rare and include diarrhea, vomiting, elevated liver enzymes, nervousness and depression. Identify the potential side effects of Baytril in dogs or cats with help from a pet specialist in this free video on animal care.

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Video Transcript

What are the side effects of Baytril? In very, very rare cases, the antibiotic Baytril can cause some side effects in dogs and cats. There are cases of diarrhea, vomiting, elevated liver enzymes, nervousness, it's also been linked to depression. Baytril could also produce seizures for animals that are already prone to having seizure behavior. And there is some evidence to indicate that use in very, very young dogs with underdeveloped cartilage and bone structures, the Baytril can cause problems with the cartilage. Now that's all in dog and those are all dog side effects. Like I said, these are very rare, very rarely happens. There's also similar effects in cats, rarely you see all the side effects I previously mentioned as well as vocalization, some aggression and very, very rarely, lethargy and possibly even vision loss. And there have been a couple of rare instances of permanent vision damage. Again, it's always good to know everything before an animal or yourself takes a medication, but be aware that I mean we're talking very, very rarely in very small cases. I don't know anybody personally who's ever had these side effects take effect in their animals and personally I've used Baytril quite a few times for many of my reptiles and my cats so it can happen, but it's better than having an animal that's dying of a bacterial infection.


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