What Is the Best Way to Straighten Hair?

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The best way to straighten hair is by using a heated straightening iron to smooth out small sections of hair at a time, using a comb throughout the process to eliminate tangles and knots. Style hair to a straight, silky finish with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm here to talk to you about the best way to straighten your hair. Probably, the easiest way to straighten your hair is with a flat iron. So when flat ironing your hair, there is definitely a technique to it. You want to make sure that you have a comb. This is probably the one thing that makes flat ironing easy and painless and you're going to get a much better result. So you want to make sure that you always comb that hair and get all the knots out. You do not want to flat iron over a knot. Now if your hair is as curly as this particular models, you're going to want to use very small sections. The smaller the sections, the straighter the hair. So we've got our hair combed out and then we're going to take our nice hot flat iron. This particular flat iron has got temperature control and for this model's hair type, I'm going to have the control all the way up. Now, on my other model who has got finer, thinner hair, I will bring it down a little bit. And on blonde hair, again, I would want it down a little bit as well. So that hair also gets very hot when you flat iron, so you want to use your comb to hold the hair as well. So you comb that hair out. Start at the base and you can kind of tap that section a few times and that will really straighten that hair out at the base. Now you will see my flat iron is on the smaller side cause it is easier to manipulate. So once I've straighten that, I put my comb behind the flat iron, and I bring that hair down. Oh, I'm sorry, rather at the flat iron. So as I'm combing through that hair, once I comb through it that last time, I'm setting that nice straight formation. So you can see the difference. And again, because of how curly this mannequin's hair is, we are taking small sections. The smaller the sections, the straighter the hair. And always be sure to use your comb cause that's going to give you a nice smooth result. And that's the best way to straighten.


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