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Homemade hair relaxers are dangerous to pursue, as original hair relaxers were made with very caustic materials, but inexpensive hair relaxers are readily available at local beauty supply stores. Avoid homemade hair relaxers and stick to reputable brands with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you about homemade hair relaxers. I do not at all recommend making your own hair relaxer. Hair relaxers are made out of a very caustic material. The original hair relaxer used to be made from potato lye or they would use potatoes to I guess hold the starch - to hold the lye together and they would straight lye on their hair, comb it through. And then dip their head in a bucket of water. And the straighter - the longer you left the lye on, the straighter the hair. Also you would get large scabs and burns on your scalp from it. So I do not recommend making a relaxer at home. You can get some fairly good relaxers on the market, you can get them at your local beauty supply, you want to make sure that on the back, this says sodium hydroxide, so this is going to be a sodium hydroxide based relaxer. And then you're going to be using a regular neutralizing shampoo with it. So this is step one, step two. Really easy. You comb this on the hair and follow the timing on the back, then neutralize and add a conditioner and you can style. But these are have things in them that are going to soften the hair, make the hair feel good, they have wheat proteins in it, they've got mineral oils, stuff that's actually going to get in the hair while it's relaxing and make the hair healthy and shiny. If you go out and just get some lye and put it on your hair, you're going to have excessive burns, you'll probably have to go to the hospital. So I do not recommend that. Homemade hair relaxers are not the way to go, you can get them fairly inexpensive at your local beauty supply.


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