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For the best at-home hair relaxer for white or silver hair, which tends to be coarser, find a hair relaxing treatment specifically made for resistant hair. Relax white hair, using a purple-based shampoo to neutralize any yellowing that may occur, with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you about the best home hair relaxer for white hair. White hair, gray hair, silver hair, tends to be a lot coarser. It has more cuticle layers than your natural hair color. So you're probably going to want to get a relaxer that's going to be more for coarse resistant hair. Now if you have color on it that's a completely different story, because then you're going to want to choose a relaxer that is more for color treated hair. And I don't really recommend doubling up on your relaxer color, you really need to choose one because once you start doubling up on chemical processes, the hair starts to break down and actually break off. So I would go with something for coarse, resistant hair, you're going to want to leave it on a little bit longer. Your timing begins at the time of application, so as soon as you start applying that relaxer to the hair, you begin your timing. This particular relaxer the timing for coarse resistant hair is eighteen minutes. So you have eighteen minutes to get that relaxer on and then you finish up with a neutralizing shampoo. You shampoo the hair and also relaxers can sometimes yellow white hair. And so if you notice that the hair starts getting yellow, you're going to want to get a clarifying shampoo and occasionally use a purple based shampoo. The purple based shampoo will actually tone out the white, I'm sorry, rather tone out the yellow. And keep it nice and white and bright. So just be careful when using your relaxer on your coarser white hair, and make sure that you get a purple based shampoo to keep that yellow out.


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