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The best permanent hair straightening technique depends on the hair type, as some straightening chemicals are stronger for coarse hair and gentler for finer hair. Choose the right hair straightening treatment for the hair type with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you about the best permanent hair straightener. Really the best permanent hair straightener is what's going to be best for your hair type. So if your hair is fine and color treated you're going to want to get one that's specifically designed for fine and color treated hair. So for your hair type and as it changes and as whatever you think your hair type is, choose the relaxer that's going to be best for your hair type. I've got one here that's good for fine and color treated hair, so this hair type is going to not need quite as strong of a relaxer, whereas if your hair is more coarse, you're going to want something that is a little bit stronger, a little bit heavier, that's got a lot more emolience in it as well. And then I also have this one which is a thermal straightener. Now this thermal straightener is going to make the hair permanently straight, it's got a lot of mineral oils in it and other things to keep the hair shiny. The one thing with a thermal straightener is it is permanent, so if you're wanting your hair to still have some curl or if your hair is extremely corkscrew curly and you're just wanting to kind of pull some of the curl out, then I don't recommend a thermal straightener. I recommend a traditional relaxer that's just going to sort of soften the curl pattern a little bit. So choosing a relaxer always make sure to choose one that's best for your hair type. Not your ethnicity or your color or your race, just your hair type, fine, coarse, curly, color treated, any of those.


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