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Thermal hair straightening is an intense process of mechanically straightening the hair, applying a chemical solution, rinsing and repeating that can only be done in a professional salon over a five- to six-hour time period. Discover the thermal hair straightening process with beauty tips from a professional hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

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Hi I'm Amelia and I'm here to talk to you about thermal hair straightening. Thermal hair straightening is technique that includes the use of a flat iron while you are straightening the hair. If you are going to have this done it can only be done in a salon. It is not something that I ever recommend doing at home. It is also going to take probably depending on your length of hair and how much you are having straightened probably about five to six hours. It has got several steps. Step one is we shampoo the hair then dry it, flat iron it completely straight and then we apply part one of the system. We apply this to all the hair and we let it process, then we go back and rinse it like we would a perm for about five to ten minutes, dry the hair, flat iron it a second time then we apply the neutralizer and we leave that one for five minutes. Then we go back, rinse the hair again, come back, flat iron the hair a third time. You cannot bend your hair, put it behind your ear, put it up. You can't change its position at all for at least 48 hours because that hair is soft so those bonds have to harden back up and you make sure that it stays in that position because if you tuck it behind your ear you are going to have a nice bend there where you have got that bend from tucking it behind your ear so I highly recommend packing a lunch and bringing a book if you have this done. This is also done if you are wanting that hair completely straight you are going to wear it straight all the time and you are never going to wear it curly because once that hair is straightened it is not going to really want to hold curl too well. That thermal straightener permanently straightens the hair so you have go to wait until it grows back out. Your maintenance on something like this is going to be every six months and again every six to eight months you will have to be shelling out several hundred dollars and sitting there five to six hours and I don't recommend having color on your hair because any time you double up on processes on your hair you are going to have breakage and you are going to have damage to your hair so it is a great tool in your arsenal of straightening products but it is definitely a commitment.


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